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CompanyContact NameSeasonalityDistributionPecan TypePhone Number
B & B Pecan Co. Inc.Clarence BishopAll YearR W MI C S251-928-9031Visit website
Bayou Pecan Co.Terry Landry Jr.SeasonalR WI C S251-423-0022Email
Cosper Pecan FarmRandy CosperSeasonalRI C S256-591-0840Email
Elliott PecansJohn Lorse SeasonalRI C251-990-9917Email
Futral FarmsBran FutralSeasonalR WI C S256-276-0983Visit website
Good Hope FarmsKennth BryanAll YearR W MS800-844-2224Visit website
Holmes Pecan Co.James Holmes 
Ashley  Morgan
SeasonalR W MI C S334-222-9827Email
Holmes Pecan Co.Tony or Lynne HolmesSeasonalR W MI C S888-590-2502Email
Ken Buck FarmKen BuckSeasonalR WI C S251-824-2838
LaConsay Pecan FarmPat LaConsaySeasonalR WI C S251-960-5262Email
Louisville Pecan CompanyAll YearR W MI C S800-69-PECANVisit website
Switzer PecansBobby  SwitzerSeasonalR WI C251-865-3125Email
Underwood PecansGary UnderwoodSeasonalR WI C S251-943-8056
Whaley Pecan CompanyAll YearR W MI C S800-824-6827Visit website
Heaton’s Pecan FarmAll YearR W MI C S205-755-8654
Pecan PointBecky Ward-RogersAll YearR W MI C S334-667-6902Email
Priester’s Pecan CompanyAll YearR W MI C S800-277-3226Visit website
Superior Pecans & GiftsJan ShoffitAll YearR W MI C S334-687-2031Visit website
The Alabama Pecan CompanyElizabeth H. ShanksSeasonalR W MI C S334-449-3219Visit website
Wilson Pecan CompanyPatrick WilsonAll YearR W MI C S800-950-4320
Wood Pecan CompanyClarence WoodAll YearR W MI C S888-881-5493Visit website

Notice:  If you desire to be on this list in the future and your name was inadvertently omitted, please contact us.