Pecan Promotional Form

Alabama Pecan Promotion and Research Program 

The following forms are to be used when submitting your monthly assessment reports. 

Monthly Summary Report

To be completed by First Handlers (persons or companies buying pecans from growers in Alabama) and by growers who retail/direct market their crop to consumers. 

Growers selling wholesale to out-of-state buyers should also complete and submit this report.

First Handlers Worksheet

To be completed by persons or companies buying pecans from growers in Alabama. 

This form tracks multiple purchases of pecans from one grower, or single purchases of pecans from multiple growers.  Worksheets should be submitted monthly along with Form 1.

Grower Exemption Affidavit

To be completed and submitted by growers who own less than 15 Acres of Pecans. 

Must be notarized.