Executive Secretary

The Alabama Pecan Growers association is now taking applications for the executive secretary job.

Please submit cover letter and resume by July 8, 2022.
To be reviewed at the Board of directors meeting July 12, 2022.

Qualified applicants will submit cover letter and resumes to:
Alabama Pecan Growers Association
P.O. Box 1453
Auburn, AL 36831-1453


  • Basic knowledge of pecan production 
  • Computer skills including, Emails, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher
  • Good commutation skills
  • Good organization skills 


  • Board of Directors Meetings: sending out notices of meetings, set up zoom, attendance at meetings and minutes of such meeting
  • Monthly Newsletter: creation (soliciting scientific articles, writing other articles,  coordinating, laying out, and editing all), publishing and mailing of the newsletter ∙ Maintaining and updating database, tracking memberships, sponsorship’s, directors, and speakers and miscellaneous categories 
  • Annual Educational Conference:  
    • Helping and coordinating with various committees: Local arrangement: securing a  convention rate for the hotel and making speakers’ hotel reservations; ordering tents  for the convention lunch, registration, sponsor exhibits, door prize; Welcome Dinner  and collection of money at said dinner; securing drinks for the convention; making  sure coffee and ice are also at the convention. Sponsorship: send out invoices  soliciting sponsorship renewal and new sponsorships, updating sponsorships received,  following up on pledges, creating ads for the Educational Conference Program and  recording and depositing money received. Membership: send out invoices soliciting  membership renewal and new memberships, updating memberships received,  recording and depositing money received.  
    • Educational Conference Program Booklet: Creating, laying-out and printing program  booklet with all ads created, updated, edited; including in booklet program schedule  and speakers received from program chairman. Acknowledging all sponsor levels. 
    • Name badges for all sponsors, speakers, board members and all registered members.
    • Creating and printing all signs for sponsor table exhibits, door prizes, and any table  that may need recognition.  
    • Preparing, hosting and manning registration desk at the conference. 
    • Generally helping with many minor aspects of the Educational Conference so it runs  smoothly.
  • Summer Tour:  
    • Work with board to determine location of summer tour.  
    • Develop a list of local arrangements for tour if tour is not local.  
    • Creating and printing all signs for directions, sponsor, and any other information needed for tour. 
    • Send post card announcement of summer tour to members.  
  • Creating an Excel spreadsheet to order and track magazine subscription to Pecan Grower and  Pecan South Magazines. 
  • Collecting all correspondence from the P. O. Box, getting it to the proper committee and  answering anything that needs to be addressed.  
  • Keeping up with the finances of the association. 
  • Answering phone calls for APGA year-round
  • Helping, when necessary, with the APGA presence at any festival or other conventions the  association attends
  • Check and answers any emails directed to the association – alpecangrowers@gmail.com 


  • $4,000.00 per year, Paid $1,000.00 quarterly, (Jan 1st, Apr 1st, July 1st, Oct 1st

Questions can be submitted to alpecangrowers@gmail.com